Member Relationships

Member Relationships enables credit unions to develop deeper relationships with their members. Every member is valuable. Through utilzing this app, credit unions can deliver a personal touch to their members with every interaction.


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Relationship Amount

  • Discover how members interact with the credit union through their loans and deposits.

Member Relationships: Relationship Amount

Drill-Down on any area of the charts to get the detailed data (e.g. Deposit):

Member Relationships Drill Down


  • Discover how members are using the credit union’s branches.

Member Relationships: Members per Branch



  • Develop insights into geographic trends of loans and deposits.

Member Relationships by City

Account Types

  • Analyze accounts by type.

Member Relationships by Account Types


  • Harness insights into where members work and what industry trends may mean for the credit union.

Member Relationships by Employer

Opened Memberships

  • Monitor new membership being opened.

Member Relationships New Members

Closed Memberships

  • Understand membership closing trends.

Member Relationships by Closed Memberships



  • Determine relationships based on members’ tenure with the credit union.

Member Relationships by Tenure


  • Break out members by age groups.

Member Relationships by


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