About the CU App Store

It is too often that credit unions “re-invent the wheel” building reports and dashboards that are similar across their peer group. Wouldn’t it be great if they could simply go to an application market to search and find the solution needed?

CU App Store - OnApproach Credit Union Application StoreThe OnApproach Ecosystem, powered by the innovative M360 Enterprise data integration platform, brings all credit unions, CUSOs, and industry vendors together to share the time and resource burden required to execute high value reporting and analytics. The CU App Store makes is possible for a credit union to shift their time from report creation over to high value consumption and analysis of information.

Quick Facts:

  • Pre-built reports and apps compatible with M360 Enterprise.
  • Easily search for and utilize applications to solve credit union needs.
  • Connects credit unions and developers, regardless of core.
  • Apps serve functions including, but not limited too:
    o   Predictive Analytics
    o   Compliance (e.g. CECL)
    o   Dashboards
    o   Risk Pool Analysis
    o   Employee Productivity
    o   Fraud Detection
    o   Member Segmentation


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